Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I haven't posted in forever so... ten second catch up starting NOW!
My summer was AMAZING, I went all over (literally) and I loved every second. My first semester of nursing rocked, school was tough but fun, I finally found a roommate I like enough to live with again, and I got my first official boyfriend. Christmas break flew by and I was lucky enough to spend it in England, France, and the Netherlands with my amazing family. Now I'm back and school working on my second semester of nursing just looking forward to the day I will graduate and finally be able to start the career I've always dreamed about (Just over 11 months now...)

Ok so that was more like a minute but whatever...

Well, that little update leads me to my current 1 AM "I really should be going to bed but I'm thinking about so many different things at once I've gotta put them down somewhere" situation I am currently in.
You see, I have recently been struggling with a decision. It is the worst kind of decision, the choice between two good things. The kind of decision that is a complete risk and has the potential to end really bad or really good, no matter what I choose. There a risk in every direction I choose. So what right? Just pick something and go for it. You see, the problem isn't about taking the risk, it's about the consequences that follow regardless of that risk. Someone always gets hurt.

It is hard, you know, trying to decide who to hurt. It is absolutely, 100% awful. It is one of the worst feelings in the world trying to pick who you are going to hurt. There is no right answer. I wish someone would tell me exactly what to do. Or at least show me a month or so down the road after the decision has been made so I can decide with some knowledge of what is going to happen.

You see, here I am: I am 19 years old, I am loving college life, I have got great roommates, great friends, amazing family, and incredible boyfriend, I'm less than a year of fulfilling my career goal I've had for over 6 years, and I feel like a piece of junk. There is no right answer. At least, not one that can be seen in the next few months. My life is too perfect, and I feel like a brat for complaining about that. Trials are no fun, faith is hardest at times when it is needed most. I need to go pray. Here's to hoping it will all turn out the way it's supposed to.

But, no matter what the answer is, the moral of this post : The choice between good and evil is simple, it is the choices between good and good that are the hardest to make.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time to Plan

So I have news finally... it's not the news I really wanted but at least I know.
So yeah, not exactly what I was wanting to hear but I can't say I was really too suprised. I've prepared myself alot, but I've still found myself trying to hold back the tears throughout the day. It's still hard to hear even if I did know it may not happen.

I've just been reminding myself that there's a reason for this and my Heavenly Father has a different plan for me right now. I am going to re-apply for Fall semester and hopefully my GPA will be better then and I can get it. If not I'm going to start applying to other schools too. 
I would love to get in here, but nursing is my main goal, and it doesn't HAVE to be up here in Idaho.

The best thing about this? I can finally start doing what I do best, making a plan again. Even if it's just for a little while, at least it's some direction! 

I would LOVE to go spend the summer in Europe, being an Au Pair and earning money and just living life besides school. But we'll see... I've got lots of praying ahead but I know that there is something great in my future, even if it's just learning more patience.

I have so much to be grateful for and although I'm looking forward in to the unknown I am definately looking foreward and going to keep living life the best way I know how! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Every Girl's Dream

I'm going on a date!

Exciting right?!?!
Not to sound harsh, but it's my blog, so there ain't gonna be NO sugar coating on this one.
So like I said, I'm going on a date today. Most girls in college would be excited, and I know most people think "oh it's because of a certain missionary."
Not the case at all!
You see, this date is with my home teacher...who happens to be one of the nerdiest boys in the world, who my roommates have been making fun of me for because he likes to stare
Now of course I said yes, how could I not?! After all, I've been talking about how I am going to be more social, get back to my flirting ways which I have seemed to completely replaced with school work, and try to go on more dates. Not quite the idea I had in mind...
You see, although this guy gets sympathy from all my roommates because of his extreme social awkwardness, I like to remind them whenever they use the 


 line, that if they were in my position they would be uncomfortable too!
The best part?
Where are we going on this little lunch date? To the Crossroads.
What's that? The school food court
Wait, don't I work there? Why yes, yes I do!

So yeah, I'm going to my work for a date. Don't worry, I already know where I'm going to get food to avoid the chefs and workers I know.

It sounds mean, he may be super nice, but he is for sure not one of those kids that

"Maybe he'll charm you and you'll really like him"

So I'd like to thank my Dad, for allowing the terrible Waldie Curse to be passed on to me also, my dad didn't get it of course, but none of the King's had it and ALL (well... except Sam) the Waldie girls sure do!

Long live the nerds I guess... sure does make blogging more fun...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Living the American Dream

Well, it's been a month since my last post but I am determined I am going to be better, because my life should be very exciting these next couple months!! But the bigges news...
Yes, finally after months of searching I got an offer for an on-campus job in foods, yeah it's not glamorous but all that really matters is that the hours are great and it PAYS!! hence the title of the post, just trying to better my life... or I guess the life of the missionaries in a way... since I'm already thinking of things to get for Christmas packages and such. But anywho, I just feel bad that my parents are paying for EVERYTHING I do, pus I don't like having a ton of time on my hands because I put everything off and end up getting NOTHING done, it's no bueno. 

But now I have less time, so I work harder,and I'm making my own money again, it feels great, but I'm sure it'll feel even better when I actually get a pay check!!

I wish I knew about nursing, but of course, nothing till March. But I met with the head of the department and it went really well so hopefully I made enough of an impression for her to remember me when they meet next week. It's scary but completely exciting and I am ready to finally know where my life is headed for the next few months!

Back to my job, I work in that back doing "Salad Prep" (mainly cutting and washing lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers etc...) and then the 2nd half of my shift I'm usually out helping make sandwiches in the cafeteria (subway style) OR doing pizza's. I really do enjoy it, there are alot of fun people and it's nice to be able to be in the front and the back. It's 20 hours a week and it's a good amount but not TOO much.

But anywho, I needed to post so I did, but I'm going to try to post WAY more often, because summary posts are not fun, plus I need to practice blogging so I get better at pictures and daily events.

FYI: Sam is about to have her baby and I'm freaking dying waiting for him to finally get here!! I'm hoping for a V-day baby :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stuck Like Glue

Lately I've found myself wishing I was living the life of the Sugarland song this post is titled after, but no. Instead I find myself in a much more realistic "stuck like glue" situation...
I've been waiting for the big news for months, and it seems like it'll never get here... I'm used to waiting for things, but for some reason this time is very different!
Probably because I'm a planner and I've always HATED not having a plan! But despite my new waiting life-style I still have plans

That would be I-freaking-DEAL!! I find out in about a month whether or not I get in, I've been sucking up, and I've still got some more to do along with the help of one of the nursing teacher I've been talking to, and then the first week of February they decide and I'll know not too long after that. The frustrating thing is that no one really knows how the application process will work this semester, because they just changed it from 100% GPA-based to adding Service and Work experience in there too... but they don't know how much that'll affect it. So once again, I'm just waiting... something it seems like I'm waiting while staring at a blank white wall with really NO idea whether or not I even have a shot at getting in.
IF I get in this semester I'll start Nursing this April, and it's a 4 semester program, so I'll go Spring 11, Fall 11, Winter 12, and Spring 12... so I'll be done and have my RN by next June. Not bad eh? That's the ideal plan... we'll see what happens.

IF I don't get in to nursing, it means I have the whole summer, from April to September to do nothing. So I am really going to try to get a job over in England, hopefully somewhat close to Brad, as a full-time live-in nanny or Au Pair. I feel like life is often unexpected and I need to take every chance to travel that I can.

So we'll see... once I get a more exciting life my posts may be a little more interesting, maybe once I get out of Rexburg or make some real friends it'll help too. But for now, I remain waiting for my life to be decided, so I can once again return to the comfort of a plan for my future. Even if it is for just a few months.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Something Must Change!

So this semester I only have class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Which is FAN-tastic! Plus, besides Monday when I'm done at 2:45, I'm done with school by 12:30. Yes, it's nice to have 14 credit hours and rarely be at school, but the whole reason I designed that schedule was so I could get a job and finally start partially financially supporting myself. I feel bad whenever I have to ask my parents for money, even if it is for food.
So i've looked and looked and looked and applied and applied and applied and introduced myself to managers and done everything I can but NO LUCK!
I'm really hoping something will come through in the next week or so, because going to from being VERY busy and productive every day in high school to sitting around my apartment all day doing homework and never leaving 2-3 days a week is draining me emotionally!! I need to get out and DO SOMETHING!! Preferably something that involves getting money :)
So, after all this complaining and frustration... if anyone knows anyone who's hiring in Rexburg or got any connections let me know! I'd owe you for LIFE :)

On a happier note, school is going really well, I'm really focused on all A's this semester and NO A-'s and REALLY hoping I get in to NURSING!! Just one more month-ish before I find out and can finally start planning my life! If only I could put myself out there more and meet more people instead of staying in my room... that's another big goal for me this semester! WISH ME LUCK!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New year, new goals!

Well, like journal writing I'm terrible at bloging, but I only have class 3 days a week for 1/2 the day so I SHOULD have enough time now to actually update frequently. I am now back at school, starting my second semester of college! Last semester was good, I ended with a 3.86, and I'm hoping and praying that's good enough to get my in to nursing but we'll just have to wait and see! I'll find out February and I've got some more sucking up to do before then. But that's the boring stuff... it's a new year!
I started it out saying goodbye to my best friend, Miss Taylor Aiono who is now living life up and soaking up the sun in Hawaii, part of me hates her because I get pictures of her at the beach and I have to spend 5 minutes getting ready to walk to get the mail in the snow! But it's ok, because I've got some good plans for this year... first a small reflection of all the memorable things from 2010

-graduated high school
-said goodbye to my best friend for 2 years
-said goodbye to LOTS of other friends for 2 years
-started college
-got ALL A's and A-'s in my first semester of college!!
-won a State-wide award
-got money for a scholarship, even though it was small
-survived some very annoying people at college
-met lots of new people
-kept up old relationships
-became a legal adult
-got a library card

So it's been an exciting year with a LOT of changes... but it's all good and now I'm on a new adventure from 2011. I don't know all the things that will happen this year because there are alot of things I don't have any control over, but I've got some ideas for things I WANT to happen and other idea's if some plan's don't work out:

-get in to nursing
-get all A's and no A-'s
-work in Europe (if I don't get in to nursing this Spring)
-get a job
-expand my movie collection
-get up to writing 25 missionaries
-learn to cook new things
-be more social
-find friends I like enough to live with
-start couponing
-try something totally new
-take more pictures
-be better at posting blogs
-work out more (how often is undecided)
-don't procrastinate
-be on time to ALL my classes

I'm excited for this year, it's going to be good, I can feel it! I'm excited and going to try to be positive and happy about life!