Thursday, January 6, 2011

New year, new goals!

Well, like journal writing I'm terrible at bloging, but I only have class 3 days a week for 1/2 the day so I SHOULD have enough time now to actually update frequently. I am now back at school, starting my second semester of college! Last semester was good, I ended with a 3.86, and I'm hoping and praying that's good enough to get my in to nursing but we'll just have to wait and see! I'll find out February and I've got some more sucking up to do before then. But that's the boring stuff... it's a new year!
I started it out saying goodbye to my best friend, Miss Taylor Aiono who is now living life up and soaking up the sun in Hawaii, part of me hates her because I get pictures of her at the beach and I have to spend 5 minutes getting ready to walk to get the mail in the snow! But it's ok, because I've got some good plans for this year... first a small reflection of all the memorable things from 2010

-graduated high school
-said goodbye to my best friend for 2 years
-said goodbye to LOTS of other friends for 2 years
-started college
-got ALL A's and A-'s in my first semester of college!!
-won a State-wide award
-got money for a scholarship, even though it was small
-survived some very annoying people at college
-met lots of new people
-kept up old relationships
-became a legal adult
-got a library card

So it's been an exciting year with a LOT of changes... but it's all good and now I'm on a new adventure from 2011. I don't know all the things that will happen this year because there are alot of things I don't have any control over, but I've got some ideas for things I WANT to happen and other idea's if some plan's don't work out:

-get in to nursing
-get all A's and no A-'s
-work in Europe (if I don't get in to nursing this Spring)
-get a job
-expand my movie collection
-get up to writing 25 missionaries
-learn to cook new things
-be more social
-find friends I like enough to live with
-start couponing
-try something totally new
-take more pictures
-be better at posting blogs
-work out more (how often is undecided)
-don't procrastinate
-be on time to ALL my classes

I'm excited for this year, it's going to be good, I can feel it! I'm excited and going to try to be positive and happy about life!

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