Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Something Must Change!

So this semester I only have class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Which is FAN-tastic! Plus, besides Monday when I'm done at 2:45, I'm done with school by 12:30. Yes, it's nice to have 14 credit hours and rarely be at school, but the whole reason I designed that schedule was so I could get a job and finally start partially financially supporting myself. I feel bad whenever I have to ask my parents for money, even if it is for food.
So i've looked and looked and looked and applied and applied and applied and introduced myself to managers and done everything I can but NO LUCK!
I'm really hoping something will come through in the next week or so, because going to from being VERY busy and productive every day in high school to sitting around my apartment all day doing homework and never leaving 2-3 days a week is draining me emotionally!! I need to get out and DO SOMETHING!! Preferably something that involves getting money :)
So, after all this complaining and frustration... if anyone knows anyone who's hiring in Rexburg or got any connections let me know! I'd owe you for LIFE :)

On a happier note, school is going really well, I'm really focused on all A's this semester and NO A-'s and REALLY hoping I get in to NURSING!! Just one more month-ish before I find out and can finally start planning my life! If only I could put myself out there more and meet more people instead of staying in my room... that's another big goal for me this semester! WISH ME LUCK!!!

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