Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stuck Like Glue

Lately I've found myself wishing I was living the life of the Sugarland song this post is titled after, but no. Instead I find myself in a much more realistic "stuck like glue" situation...
I've been waiting for the big news for months, and it seems like it'll never get here... I'm used to waiting for things, but for some reason this time is very different!
Probably because I'm a planner and I've always HATED not having a plan! But despite my new waiting life-style I still have plans

That would be I-freaking-DEAL!! I find out in about a month whether or not I get in, I've been sucking up, and I've still got some more to do along with the help of one of the nursing teacher I've been talking to, and then the first week of February they decide and I'll know not too long after that. The frustrating thing is that no one really knows how the application process will work this semester, because they just changed it from 100% GPA-based to adding Service and Work experience in there too... but they don't know how much that'll affect it. So once again, I'm just waiting... something it seems like I'm waiting while staring at a blank white wall with really NO idea whether or not I even have a shot at getting in.
IF I get in this semester I'll start Nursing this April, and it's a 4 semester program, so I'll go Spring 11, Fall 11, Winter 12, and Spring 12... so I'll be done and have my RN by next June. Not bad eh? That's the ideal plan... we'll see what happens.

IF I don't get in to nursing, it means I have the whole summer, from April to September to do nothing. So I am really going to try to get a job over in England, hopefully somewhat close to Brad, as a full-time live-in nanny or Au Pair. I feel like life is often unexpected and I need to take every chance to travel that I can.

So we'll see... once I get a more exciting life my posts may be a little more interesting, maybe once I get out of Rexburg or make some real friends it'll help too. But for now, I remain waiting for my life to be decided, so I can once again return to the comfort of a plan for my future. Even if it is for just a few months.

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