Saturday, February 12, 2011

Living the American Dream

Well, it's been a month since my last post but I am determined I am going to be better, because my life should be very exciting these next couple months!! But the bigges news...
Yes, finally after months of searching I got an offer for an on-campus job in foods, yeah it's not glamorous but all that really matters is that the hours are great and it PAYS!! hence the title of the post, just trying to better my life... or I guess the life of the missionaries in a way... since I'm already thinking of things to get for Christmas packages and such. But anywho, I just feel bad that my parents are paying for EVERYTHING I do, pus I don't like having a ton of time on my hands because I put everything off and end up getting NOTHING done, it's no bueno. 

But now I have less time, so I work harder,and I'm making my own money again, it feels great, but I'm sure it'll feel even better when I actually get a pay check!!

I wish I knew about nursing, but of course, nothing till March. But I met with the head of the department and it went really well so hopefully I made enough of an impression for her to remember me when they meet next week. It's scary but completely exciting and I am ready to finally know where my life is headed for the next few months!

Back to my job, I work in that back doing "Salad Prep" (mainly cutting and washing lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers etc...) and then the 2nd half of my shift I'm usually out helping make sandwiches in the cafeteria (subway style) OR doing pizza's. I really do enjoy it, there are alot of fun people and it's nice to be able to be in the front and the back. It's 20 hours a week and it's a good amount but not TOO much.

But anywho, I needed to post so I did, but I'm going to try to post WAY more often, because summary posts are not fun, plus I need to practice blogging so I get better at pictures and daily events.

FYI: Sam is about to have her baby and I'm freaking dying waiting for him to finally get here!! I'm hoping for a V-day baby :)

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