Thursday, February 17, 2011

Every Girl's Dream

I'm going on a date!

Exciting right?!?!
Not to sound harsh, but it's my blog, so there ain't gonna be NO sugar coating on this one.
So like I said, I'm going on a date today. Most girls in college would be excited, and I know most people think "oh it's because of a certain missionary."
Not the case at all!
You see, this date is with my home teacher...who happens to be one of the nerdiest boys in the world, who my roommates have been making fun of me for because he likes to stare
Now of course I said yes, how could I not?! After all, I've been talking about how I am going to be more social, get back to my flirting ways which I have seemed to completely replaced with school work, and try to go on more dates. Not quite the idea I had in mind...
You see, although this guy gets sympathy from all my roommates because of his extreme social awkwardness, I like to remind them whenever they use the 


 line, that if they were in my position they would be uncomfortable too!
The best part?
Where are we going on this little lunch date? To the Crossroads.
What's that? The school food court
Wait, don't I work there? Why yes, yes I do!

So yeah, I'm going to my work for a date. Don't worry, I already know where I'm going to get food to avoid the chefs and workers I know.

It sounds mean, he may be super nice, but he is for sure not one of those kids that

"Maybe he'll charm you and you'll really like him"

So I'd like to thank my Dad, for allowing the terrible Waldie Curse to be passed on to me also, my dad didn't get it of course, but none of the King's had it and ALL (well... except Sam) the Waldie girls sure do!

Long live the nerds I guess... sure does make blogging more fun...

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