Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Place Where I Belong

I'm going home!!
Yes, I have one more day to wait and pack but then I am off and headed home :) Goodness I can't even tell you how excited I am!! This last week went by pretty fast, since I had 3 tests, which went pretty well, 88, one I don't know the score but I know I got over a 90, and then a 92 so after taking my last one last night I realized I had a LONG saturday and sunday ahead of me! and I was right... I made it through Saturday, trying to fill it with things. I woke up when a girl down my hall came knocking on my door cause she was trying now to break down cause she had just heard that her roommate, her roommate's sister, and one of my FHE brothers had gotten in an accident. There was a LOT of snow today and the roads were very icy and dangerous and they ended up flipping a few times, luckily, miraculously, Ali and her sister were not hurt, but Matt got a few deep cuts and was very sore but after an ambulance trip to the hospital and some stitches they are all safe. THANK GOODNESS!! But to keep my friends Moriah calm before she herself left home we watched a movie. Then I ventured out in the freezing snow and cold to drop off 2 more missionary packes. 5 of 6 totaling $80. Lucky the other one will be much cheaper. I then took a nap, watched a documentary on Jack the Ripper (yeah... I was bored) sang some hymns in the upper lounge, ventured out again to get some Little Ceasers with my roommate Alexsis and then came back, watched yet ANOTHER movie, and now i'm going to sleep!
Super boring... hopefully with preparing to go home and church tomorrow it will go by faster than today did and I can finally make it home!
I'm so ready and SO excited. I'm sick of my Facebook NewsFeed being filled with people talking about making it home where I'm bored out of my mind here! I have a million plans... I really think I'm the only person I know who makes a "to do" calendar for vacations :) I just want to make sure I get everything in and see everyone I want to!! I couldn't imagine flying back having forgotten to stop by and say hi to someone.
I get to see all my friends, my little kids I babysat, and of course my amazing family. I have SOO many things to do and a million things I'm excited to do!! It'll be great :) CAN'T WAIT!! now I've just gotta make it through these next 32 hours... 
You can take the girl out of Arizona... but trust me you can NOT take the Arizonan out of the girl :)
Warm weather and sunny skies here I come!!!

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