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(This is sorta my journal... so if you're not me, and you're reading this feel free to skip past whatever. They're long I know)
If you know me at all you've known that over the last 4-5 years Halloween has become my least favorite holiday. Why? Because I don't like creepy things, or being scared, or all the weird people that come out on that wretched day! I just find it disturbing.
Luckily, despite my negativity towards the holiday, my last three Halloween's have been some of my favorite nights ever!! Not because of the holiday really, but because I have some great memories.

Friday, October 31st, 2008-
Mountain View Toros vs. Red Mountain Mountain Lions Football Game. Guess who won?? WE DID!! It was also the last MV/RM football game I'd ever see in high school since regions changed. But we killed them, and I got to spend the rest of the night with my best friends... and was just beginning two other friendships who would eventually become two of my favorite people in the world!! Jack and Josh. (Mom you can skip to the next paragraph now...) I also stayed out very late- aka 3:30 AM, doing nothing bad I promise, but nonetheless one of my favorite nights in high school.

Saturday, October 31st, 2009-
I won't go into too many details because it's really not exciting, but to me it was!! After being immersed in DRAMA with some people my best friend came to the rescue and we spent the rest of the night grocery shopping for his parents (which by the way I love doing!!), going to a house party that really shouldn't have been fun but was, and just lots of laughing.

And this year... Sunday, October 1st, 2010
Ok, well I spent that ACTUAL Halloween day writing a paper for my Book of Mormon class but the weekend before it was definitely memorable!! Here comes the real reasons for the post...

It's just a creepy haunted house that for some strange reason I really wanted to go to, so we decided to make it a date!! Because I don't have a car and have once again become dependant, Sam and Todd drove us and went with us. It was a blind date... but I already knew my date because things didn't really work out with my original date. Brooke, my relief society president, and I spent all weekend together. Event after event! Here's a couple pictures from the date...
Me, Zac, Justin, and Brooke
 The whole group... basically just a mixture of Hildreth's and Waldie's
 My mom sent me a puzzle making/bowling pumpkin set thing that was so fun and hilarius to make.
That was Thursday, Friday we had a Relief society party which I didn't really make it to because I had Sam take me to Walmart so I could get supplies to make costumes for the "Nightmare Before Curfew" Dance Party I went to with Brooke and her roommates!! The DJ was AMAZING at mixing and it was SO fun!! I had never been to a dance party because I really hadn't heard great things about them back in Mesa, but this one the music was edited, and although there was some not-so-appropriate dancing, it was easy to avoid and was really fun!! Brooke and I went as Fanta Girls... the shirts I made with Iron-on paper stuff :)

Fanta girls... one of my favorite quotes of the night? "I just went online... and I'm the black one" -Brooke F.

 There were lots of creepy people and hilarious costumes, these are some of my favorites!!
This guy was SUPER creepy!! He never dance, but would sometimes just walk through the dance floor with a giant knife held above his head...
 KISS---- they came with business cards to hand out with their numbers!
 Laura Laura Laura
 The venue was so cool... an airplane museum! The dance floor was surrounded by old private planes!
 Mr. Clean
 And the other girls I went with!!
 We made a Taco Bell run... so we were a little late for curfew... luckily the gates were still open!! :D

I was tired until we had Taco Bell at 1 AM... then we were all pretty wired. After another group of girls came over we somehow decided to go up to the upper lounge and watch a movie. And since it was already 2 AM we thought we might as well sleep up there!!

 We all watched the movie... including screaming at 4:30 AM. The movie wasn't as scary as thinking about what might happen if someone complained! haha Well after finally crashing at 5 AM we were awoken at 11 AM the next morning to a constant loud banging on the door... we had locked and were all way worried the head resident found out (we're not really supposed to/allowed to sleep in there... but it has a tv!!) and was coming to yell at us... so one girl jumped up and ran to the door and it turned out just a girl who had taken a test and came to tell us she got an A haha but by then our hearts were racing and sleep was long gone!
We went and worked out after watching The Lizze McGuire Movie (you can never got to old for some movies) and then went to DI and Walmart to get costumes... for ANOTHER night of dressing up!!
For a girl who hates dressing up twice in one weekend is HUGE!! Haha
I tried to find something simple... so when I saw a $2 basket at DI i thought of Little Red Riding Hood! I didn't want to buy fabric to make my "hood" so I found a $4 old lady dress that was read and had an elastic waist band and I was sold!! I went home, and started cutting... eventually after a few tries and a couple safety pins and a long ribbon I made this!!

I was quite proud... not gonna lie!! No sewing machine at all! We all went over to my FHE brother's house and made cupcakes and watched another scary movie in their lounge... this was the group
 Kyle... he was a genie with the most bomb gypsy pants he got on his mission in Spain
 and of course I had to go see Zac!! Trust me... the mustache was temporary!!
 It was a CRAZY weekend but it was SO fun!! My first big girl's night since about 5th grade! Ha I love every minute... but now I've got to get back to studying and real life...

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