Saturday, October 23, 2010

Soaring higher than a kite

Wow what a week! It's been insane... literally. Things have gotten quite busy but don't worry, I still find time to squeeze in sister time, and of course time for all my tv shows! I was going to post last sunday, but like I said, things got a little crazy. (just as proof, I started this on monday... and now it's Saturday) So 2 sunday's ago I taught my first Relief Society Lesson! It was really fun to teach and I learned alot, I guess I'm more like my crazy mother than I thought, because after years of yelling at her for starting these big projects as handouts and lesson enhancements the night before her lesson, I too decided to make a powerpoint presentation at midnight on Saturday night to a song that went well with the lesson. If I can figure out how to put it on to youtube (it's not uploading) I'll put it up. But it only took me 45 mins... So maybe in a few years I'll be more like my mom when it starts taking hours!! :) Love you mommy!

Besides that, school is FABULOUS!! (Who woulda thought I'd ever be saying THAT?!) I'm learning ALOT and the best new of all, last Saturday, after hours and hours of studying, hours with a tutor (It's free here, and it has saved my life and my gpa many times) I went in to take my Chem 101 exam and got... wait for it...
90%... then, much to my surprise, I went to class monday and she raised the grades so I got a 97%!!Holy goodness I was so freaking excited you have NOO idea. So the week went along, things were going pretty great. Studying hard, when I talked to my math teacher I found out it was still possible to raise my 81% to a high A... so more studying, help from the teacher, and I got a what on the test? That's right, 100% :) I was practically soaring I was so happy. Me, one hundred percent, IN MATH! Could it get any better... well let me just tell you it can!

Anatomy is my favorite class (shocker, a nursing hopeful... liking anatomy) but I have a 87% which WILL NOT CUT IT in the program I'm trying to get in to, so I've been trying to figure out how to get extra credit because it has to "help other people" so I talked to my teacher, figured out how to do it, got 10 out of the 25 points possible, and raised my grade to a 92%, in 2 hours!! Plus, I can still go get 15 more points when I want. And lastly, I haven't gotten the official score yet, but I'm pretty positive I got at least a 95 if not 100% on my bone practical. So needless to say, school has been pretty fan-flipping-tastic!
Nursing here I come...

If I've talked to you at all, you know I haven't been the most social person, but last night I finally went out! Ha I met this kid named Kevin at EFY two years ago, and through the magic of facebook we discovered we were both going to BYU-I, so finally after talking about it for weeks, we hung out. We just watched a movie and hung out with all his roommates and some other people, but it was really fun. Rexburg style. So don't worry... I do go out occasionally.

Last but not least, ZUMBA, oh goodness I love it. It's like a dance/aerobics/latin class, I go for one hour 4 nights a week and it's really helped with my grades and atittude I think. I'm feeling happier, more awake, and it's been much easier to study, which results in my great grade change! So if you've ever heard about it and/or thought about it, GO! It's so fun!!

Well, that's all for me, hopefully I can be a little better at updating. My sister told me I was a bad blogger. I should change that...

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