Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let the Blogging Begin

Well... It's official... I'm a blogger!!
After weeks of contemplation, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into... I spent 3 hours trying to come up with a title, a design, a playlist, I knew if I was going to do it I had to have all the fun stuff but wow it took forever! Ha but it's done and now I guess the real reasons for the blog:

1. When people text or call me asking about college it's the same 5 questions so I may as well address it all in one place at one time

2. I love reading other people's blogs, probably because their lives are more exciting than mine, but hey, I don't really even care who reads this, even if it's no one. I'm doing it for fun!

3. I'm hoping this will make me take more pictures!! I have a really bad problem, I'm pretty sure I took less than 200 picture my whole senior year of high school, so hopefully that will change when I feel the need to add pictures to posts

4. Honestly the main reason is my family is huge and in different countries and the one's that aren't are always working when I'm able to talk to them so maybe this will help them know what's going on up here at BYU-I(do)

Which brings me to my next point...

Well It's officially been one month today since my momma left me all alone up at school (if you don't count my sister & brother-in-law & the fact that I know like 15 people from high school... probably more, but still)

 It's been a big change, but not really as hard as I thought it would be. Before I left my family kept saying how they knew I wasn't going to struggle with college because I was never home even when I did live there. But it definately didn't mean I wasn't nervous! But once classes actually started I just started focusing on school and it hasn't been as bad as I thought... which I kind of feel bad about honestly, but then again, I'm comparing myself to my sister who called home multiple times and who was a complete home-body! (love you Em!) It seems whenever I do try to call my family they're all busy, especially my momma! Thank goodness for my dad and my cousin scott's daily email chats! At least I know she's alive! Don't get me wrong, I definately miss home, and not just the food, but I guess i'm not exactly struggling with being away. But I do miss my family, and I'm already excited to thanksgiving! But I guess I can show you my room...

Yes, my desk is under my bed. And no, it's not annoying :) I love pictures... can you tell???

 It's no where near the closet space I had at home, but it's not too bad.

 Where I spend most of my day...
 My momma made my bedspread/quilt :) And my grandma made my awesome Mountin View Quilt... which I'll show you more of later! They're amazing, and I absolutely love them!! The quilts & my grandma & mom! I'm so glad I'm related to such talented people, because there is NO way I couldn't done that!!

The other thing people always ask about are my roommates. I have 5, we share one bathroom, which really hasn't been a problem at all, except for when our toilet broke for 2 days, that was NO fun! We are quite the diverse apartment, the girls are from, Minesotta, Missouri, Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. I was totally expecting a bunch of Utah or Idaho girls, but nope!! I've definately been surrounded by mormons longer than any of the other girls. So I feel like alot of there mormon-college things aren't as new to me... because lets be honest, we do alot of the same activites over and over! haha but sadly, I have like no picture with them (which hopefully this blog will help with) but here's a few I do have:

This is my actual roommate Alexsis and I when we went looking for our classes with Sam...
(talented people: please tell me how to turn it so you don't have to tilt you head! Thanks!)

 My third Saturday here our ward went and did baptisms at the Rexburg Temple, which is literally right next to campus, about a 5-7 min walk from my dorm. But we were schedualed for 5:30 am... and if the time weren't bad enough... it was FREEZING that morning!! But nonetheless it was an awesome experience and I'm really glad I went, this is another roommate Michelle, the Puerto Rican one, at the temple after baptisms when it was a little warmer.

Zac St. Martin: the boy in the middle: love him! And no, not in "that way." I met Zac in Senora Clarkson's AP Spanish 4 class my junior year of high school and we've been really close since. We went to sadies together Junior year and it was by far one of the funnest and funniest nights of my life! So when we found out we were both going to BYU-I it was quite exciting, we don't hang out a TON, but we try to see eachother once a week or so, and he was up here summer so he's been teaching me all kinds of things about school, Rexburg, and helping me meet new people. This was at Sammy's, which is a hamburger place that opened the first weekend of school, they have one next to BYU in Provo that's pretty famous and it's definately a huge hang out place up here too since it's right down the street from campus! He's awesome, and my closest friend up here, cause Sam doesn't count, she's related to me.

One of my first adventures was with Jameson Jarvis, another friend from Mesa. He invited me to go to the sand dunes to have a bonfire, and since I was the only one with a camera, and there were a bunch of guys on a huge hill of sand, I became the photographer of all their stunts and tricks. Here's the best shot of the night. It's sideways so you don't get the full effect, but it was awesome and hilarious

That same night we went to Walmart to get a movie.. and the guy driving forgot to put the clutch or brake or change the gear or some car thing that I honestly don't understand so when we came back out we couldn't see his truck, my first reaction was that it got stollen, but we looked across the parking lot and saw that it had gone all the way across 3 rows of would-be parking and up on top of this median where it finally stopped! I honestly have no idea how we were so lucky to not have hit another car, especially when you know how far it went, but then again it was really late. But either way, it was SO funny and probably the highlight of the night.

Well, it's now midnight and I only have one class tomorrow but since I was called as Relief Society Instructor I've got to get up and work on my lesson and study for next week. I know, I've surprised myself with how dedicated I really can be at school!! I'll have to tell you why in the next post. Sorry this was so long! But then again, it's been a month, and the first month of college! So it's understandable!
Hopefully I can keep this up and keep people updated, or just be able to remember all these things later. Before I leave I would just like to say that today is also:

My twiner, Elder Walker Jerome Waldie, has officially been out in the mission field for one year today, he's half-way done!! :) In one year he'll be back, and as proud as I am of him, It'll be SOO nice to have my brother back!! I miss him so much!! Goodness I love that kid, I even miss fighting with him and him telling me to stop talking cause i'm giving him a headache! hehe :) That's all for me, in the words of my oxford-scholar brother Bradford:
"Peace in the Middle East!"

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