Friday, October 8, 2010

Lookin at the Big Picture

Well, it's Friday night... I may still be going out, there's a dance party thing. But we'll see, I've got to work on my lesson, but right now I'm watching project runway and thought I'd fill you in on some other things that have been going on and how things are up at school. First my hopeful major:
Well, probably everyone knows my plan for years now has been eventually Pediatrics Nursing, and what better motivation then to be able to work at the hospital where my sweet cousin Jaydie recieved her treatments before she passed, Phoenix Children's Hospital, and hopefully in the Intensive Care Unit, because I work best in stressful situations, it's when I'm the most calm... thank goodness for training! Learned so much! So that's the goal! Here's how I'm hoping to get there:
            There was a meeting all about nursing my first week here and it was very helpful but also scary. I found out last semester the LOWEST GPA that was accepted in to the program was a 3.91!! And for someone who was not the best academicaly in High School that's a HUGE change! I've definately worked WAY harder up here in these last four weeks than I did my entire four years of high school I swear. Ha but it's good, i'm just staying motivated and confident! I know I can do it... straight A's baby here I come!!
The deadline for the Spring application is November 15th, so it's coming up fast! I feel really confident with all the stuff on there... now I've just got to get the GPA to back me up! If I get in Spring, that means I'll stay up here and go straight through, nursing students don't follow to "track" thing, so I won't be here just Fall/Winter, which does mean that I will be totally done in 2 1/2 years!! CRAZY! It's very exciting, but I will also apply for next Fall semester because we still won't have found out if I got in to Spring before the deadline for fall!! So it's happening fast but I'm very excited and positive about it!

I do have to say that I miss having my own place, as in my own room. I mean my roommate is great, but at home I had my room, and plus lots of other places I'd go to at nights to think! So that's been kinda hard, I like thinking outside, or with my ipod in my room... OH which reminds me... I lost my best friend up here at school:
 My dad told me I should start exercising, so I went running, and when I was stretching after it fell off a staircase where I had put it and that's the only thing that would show. So it's back home now, heading to the apple store. Sad. Day. :(

I have learned a few things also:
  I ate an entire can/jar/thing in one month. It's a talent, I know. With apples or celery...mmm. Also, I've eaten almost 30 frozen bean burritos. Usually for lunch or dinner. SO GOOD!! So that all for me. I think that's everything there really is to say about school. Hopefully my next post is a little more exciting! Until then,

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