Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin!

I really should be doing my math homework, but I'm a little frustrated with school at the moment because I studied for hours and only got an 80% on my Chem test. I'll be talking to my teacher tomorrow to figure out what I got wrong so I can do better next time!! (shocking I know... I've changed ALOT academically up here... especially since the Winter nursing decisions were just made and my mind is racing thinking about the fact my applicaiton is due in 12 days!!)
But anywho... on the the countdown!! In 19  days I will be sitting in my lovely house back in Mesa!! College really does make you appreciate home so much more!! I'll be home for exactly one week and here are the things I'm MOST excited for:
  • Home-made food for multiple days
  • Not having to climb off my bed every morning
  • Sleeping in a REAL bed
  • Watching tv... ON a tv!
  • Knowing everyone around me
  • The Thanksgiving hike we're going on this year :)
  • Trainer Reunion Dinner
  • Jeneale's Birthday lunch
  • Seeing my best friend Taylor and of course Hope!!
  • Going to see Cyndi and her adorable little boys!
  • NO homework!! (I'm leaving Monday and we get out Friday so i'm going to get it ALL done before! Promise!)
  • Sitting around the dinner table... even though I know I'll be attacked and reminded of every dramatic moment I've ever had... there have been over 2 months of build-up... it's coming. And LOTS of it!
  • Church WITHOUT squeaky chairs and where you don't feel like everyone stares at you just for coughing cause it's SOOO quiet!
  • Walking on SOFT carpet and laying of COMFY couches
  • Of course... THANKSGIVING DAY!!!
  • and with that comes Football :)
  • Going back to Mountain View and seeing all my little trainers
  • talking to people face to face instead of over a phone or webcam
  • Dance parties during Dishes
  • Seeing the Triplets and Braedon!!
  • And last, but DEFINATLYYYY not least... seeing my AMAZING family!! even though our numbers will be small this year :,( 
The list is long... but I've been thinking about it ALOT these last few days!! I'm oh so excited!! For all that and so much more... like DRIVING!! :) Goodness I miss cars... oh and of course FABULOUS WEATHER!!!
Well, this one's shorter than normal, but I should get back to what I'm supposed to be doing.
Reality... always raining on my parade!
Peace! <3

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