Thursday, November 4, 2010

I know... I need to SLOW down!

Two blog posts in two days! I shouldn't write so much... but I love writing, and being alone up at school I get a lot of time to think. And some things just need to be written down!! This is mainly for me :) Once again, read what you. It doesn't really matter to me!!

So today I woke up and got an email from one of my favorite people in the world Elder Nick George!
This was quite a surprise since his P-Day is Tuesday and I just got an email (it's not against rules... he's got a special situation) Well, he went in to the MTC on October 6th. So he was scheduled to leave around December 1st. (I've pretty much got the MTC part of the mission down with all the letters I've gotten... the schedules at least) I got a letter a few weeks ago saying he wanted to get out to the field already, which is normal, no one serves a mission to go to the MTC, but he was really struggling being stuck in the building. So after a return letter trying to be supportive the NEXT letter said he was being moved to the advance Spanish class (He's going to Buenos Aires, Argentina West) and would be leaving in a week and a half... then the email this Tuesday said it would actually be November 16th, THEN today I found out he's headed to Argentina TOMORROW!!! Quite a surprise, but definitely an answer to lots of prayers.

So all day I've been thinking about it, later I got a call from my friend Jeneale who got to pick up her brother from his mission yesterday and heard all about it, and when I went to get the mail today I got a letter from another missionary serving in Florida. I usually get about 3 letters if not more a week so it wasn't that unusual, but I was just thinking today about what AMAZING friends I have. People often underestimate the potential of a young man just out of high school, but I am now writting 15 missionaries, soon to be 16. And I have learned some AMAZING things about the potential people really do have to change the world when their hearts and goals are in line with the Lord's will.

Everyone knows I'm obsessed with missionaries. (Now the reason for the post) And here's why... all the time, all the coloring, all the effort to make the newsletter, all the money spent on stamps and envelopes and ink and packages and presents and "can you send me this"-'s all become worth it when I get a letter back saying

"Thanks for being an awesome friend, I love reading letters"
"Thank you Brooke for everything that you do. Really appreciate it all. It's awesome to get the newsletter and to hear how everyone is"
"You get the most faithful letter writer award! Seriously, thank you for all the letters, they brighten my day!
"The church is TRUE! Because Heavenly Father gives me great Friends like YOU!"
"You are so swell and I miss you!"
"Brooke, I appreciate the example you and your whole family have always been for me. I'm honestly not sure I'd be out here without you all."
"I LOVED the newsletter! Thank you so much! Have I ever told you you're the best? Well you are."
"You rock my gold toe sock!"
"Oh and thanks for the letter, I didn't think I was gonna get any but nope I had some! It was great!"
"Thanks so much for all you do for me and the support you show for me and my decision to serve"
"I am so glad you wrote me! Without letters I would be so bored. I am not one of the most popular in my group."
"You have no idea how exciting it is as a missionary to get mail"
"It was so awesome when I saw that blue envelope that said Omega Circle I LOVE getting letters!"
"Thank you so much for that newsletter and all the addresses. One of my favorite things to do here at the MTC is go get the mail, and if there is none for me it's a sad day!"

Yes, that took a while. But I needed to kick start myself to write the 4 letters I need to this week!
The boys out there are amazing, and they need to know they are supported back home. So my challenge to whoever reads this blog, if anyone, is to GO WRITE A MISSIONARY!! A simple way to make someone's day, and motivate them to work harder and help others find eternal happiness!! Amazing what a big change something so small can start! :)

If you can't think of a missionary to write I've got a few who don't get many letters and always ask me to try to find people to write them!! Trust me, they could care less if they know you or you're a total stranger!

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